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damian tutors in Anchorage, AK

damian .

Private tutor in Anchorage, AK


CS F201      Computer Science I CS F202      Computer Science II CS F205      C Programming CS F301      Assembly Language Programming CS F307      Discrete Mathematics CS F311      Data Structures and Algorithms CS F321      Operating Systems CS F331      Programming Languages CS F361      Systems Security and Administration CS F371      Computer Ethics and Technical Communication CS F372      Software Construction CS F381      Computer Graphics CS F392      Seminar CS F405      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS F411      Analysis of Algorithms CS F421      Distributed Operating Systems       CS F425      Database Systems CS F431      Programming Language Implementation       CS F441      System Architecture CS F442      Computer Communication and Networks CS F451      Automata and Formal Languages CS F460      Introduction to Digital Forensics CS F462      Intrusion Detection Systems CS F463      Cryptography and Data Security CS F471      Senior Capstone I       CS F472      Senior Capstone II       CS F480      Topics in Computer Science CS F481      Graphics Rendering CS F482      Simulations in Computer Graphics CS F490      Student Internship CS F600      Professional Software Development CS F601      Algorithms, Architecture and Languages CS F602      Software Project Management CS F605      Artificial Intelligence CS F611      Complexity of Algorithms CS F621      Advanced Systems Programming CS F625      Database Systems Design CS F631      Programming Language Implementation CS F641      Advanced Systems Architecture CS F642      Advanced Computer Networks CS F651      The Theory of Computation CS F661      Optimization CS F670      Computer Science for Software Engineers EE F102      Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering EE F203      Electrical Engineering Fundamentals I EE F204      Electrical Engineering Fundamentals II EE F303      Electrical Machinery EE F311      Applied Engineering Electromagnetics EE F331      High-Frequency Lab EE F333      Physical Electronics       EE F334      Electronic Circuit Design EE F341      Digital and Computer Analysis and Design EE F343      Digital Systems Analysis and Design EE F353      Circuit Theory EE F354      Engineering Signal Analysis EE F404      Electrical Power Systems EE F406      Electrical Power Engineering EE F408      Power Electronics Design       EE F412      Electromagnetic Waves and Devices EE F432      Electromagnetics Laboratory EE F434      Instrumentation Systems       EE F443      Computer Engineering Analysis and Design EE F444      Embedded Systems Design       EE F451      Digital Signal Processing EE F461      Communication Systems EE F463      Communication Networks EE F464      Communication Networks Design       EE F471      Fundamentals of Automatic Control EE F488      Undergraduate Research EE F608      Power Electronics Design       EE F611      Waves EE F634      Microwave Design I EE F635      Microwave Design II EE F643      Advanced Architectures for Parallel Computing EE F645      Embedded Systems Design EE F646      Wireless Sensor Networks EE F647      Data Compression EE F648      VLSI Design EE F651      Digital Signal Processing EE F655      Adaptive Filters EE F656      Aerospace Systems Engineering EE F662      Digital Communication Theory EE F667      Satellite Communications EE F671      Digital Control Systems EE F673      Modern Control Engineering EE F675      Robot Modeling and Control EE F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project EE F699 Thesis CS F101      Computers and Society CS F102      Introduction to Computer Science CS F103      Introduction to Computer Programming CS F671      Advanced Software Engineering CS F672      Software Process Improvement CS F673      Software Requirements Engineering CS F674      Software Architecture CS F680      Topics in Computer Science CS F681      Topics in Computer Graphics CS F690      Graduate Seminar and Project CS F691      Graduate Seminar and Project CS F692      Seminar CS F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project CS F699      Thesis CITS F201      Microcomputer Operating Systems Support CITS F202      Microcomputer Hardware Support CITS F203      Information Technology Support Fundamentals CITS F204      Introduction to Network Support and Administration CITS F205      Introduction to Microcomputer Programming CITS F212      Server Operating Systems CITS F219      Microcomputer Operating Systems: Topics CITS F220      Implementing Internet Tools and Technologies CITS F221      Graphics and Multimedia for the Web CITS F222      Website Design CITS F224      Web Scripting CITS F225      Web Databases and Programming CITS F228      Advanced Website Design and Development CITS F240      System and Network Services Administration CITS F241      Networking and LAN Infrastructure Basics CITS F242      Routing and Switching Essentials CITS F243      Intermediate Networking and LAN Infrastructure CITS F244      Advanced Network Infrastructure Services CITS F249      Networking and Communications: Topics CITS F261      Computer and Network Security CITS F262      Cybersecurity Defense and Countermeasures CITS F263      Network Security Penetration Testing CITS F265      Directory Services Administration CITS F281      Professional Practices in IT CITS F282      IT Troubleshooting Skills CITS F284      Independent Project CITS F285      Cooperative Work Experience CITS F288      Professional Certification Review CITS F289      Information Technology: Topics ME F408      Mechanical Vibrations ME F409      Controls ME F414      Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems ME F415      Thermal Systems Laboratory       ME F416      Design of Mechanical Equipment for the Petroleum Industry       ME F440      Introduction to Microfluidics ME F441      Heat and Mass Transfer ME F443      Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nanofluids ME F450      Theory of Flight ME F451      Aerodynamics ME F452      Introduction to Astrodynamics ME F453      Propulsion Systems ME F458      Energy and the Environment ME F464      Corrosion Engineering ME F486      Senior Design ME F302      Dynamics of Machinery ME F308      Measurement and Instrumentation ME F313      Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics ME F321      Industrial Processes ME F334      Elements of Material Science/Engineering ME F402      Advanced Mechanical System Design ME F403      Machine Design ME F405      Computer Aided Design ME F406      Computer Aided Manufacturing ME F487      Design Project       ME F498      Research ME F601      Finite Element Analysis in Engineering ME F602      Advanced Mechanical System Design ME F608      Advanced Dynamics ME F609      Advanced Vibrations ME F617      Power Analysis ME F631      Advanced Mechanics of Materials ME F634      Advanced Materials Engineering ME F640      Introduction to Microfluidics ME F641      Advanced Fluid Mechanics ME F642      Advanced Heat Transfer ME F643      Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nanofluids ME F656      Space Systems Engineering ME F658      Energy and the Environment ME F685      Arctic Heat and Mass Transfer       ME F687      Arctic Materials Engineering       ME F697      Individual Study ME F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project ME F699      Thesis PETE F607      Advanced Production Engineering PETE F608      Flow Assurance in the Petroleum Industry PETE F610      Advanced Reservoir Engineering PETE F621      Applied Reservoir Characterization PETE F630      Water Flooding PETE F645      Petroleum Geology PETE F656      Advanced Petroleum Economic Analysis PETE F661      Applied Well Testing PETE F662      Enhanced Oil Recovery PETE F663      Applied Reservoir Simulation PETE F665      Advanced Phase Behavior PETE F666      Drilling Optimization PETE F670      Fluid Flow Through Porous Media PETE F680      Horizontal Well Technology PETE F683      Natural Gas Processing and Engineering PETE F685      Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics PETE F101      Fundamentals of Petroleum, Drilling and Production PETE F301      Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties PETE F302      Well Logging PETE F303      Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Laboratory       PETE F370      Sedimentology and Structural Geology for Petroleum Engineers       PETE F407      Petroleum Production Engineering PETE F411      Drilling Fluids Laboratory       PETE F421      Reservoir Characterization PETE F426      Drilling Engineering PETE F431      Natural Gas Engineering PETE F456      Petroleum Evaluation and Economic Decisions PETE F458      Petroleum Engineering Internship PETE F466      Petroleum Recovery Methods PETE F476      Petroleum Reservoir Engineering PETE F478      Well Test Analysis PETE F481      Well Completions and Stimulation Design       PETE F487      Petroleum Project Design PETE F487A      Petroleum Project Design PETE F487B      Petroleum Project Design       PETE F489      Reservoir Simulation PETE F687      Experimental and Data Analysis Methods in Petroleum Engineering PETE F689      Multiphase Fluid Flow in Pipes PETE F692      Seminar PETE F692P      Seminar PETE F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project PETE F699      Thesis CE F498      Research CE F601      Engineering Research Communication CE F603      Arctic Engineering       CE F605      Pavement Design CE F606      Traffic Engineering CE F607      GIS Applications in Civil Engineering CE F620      Construction Project Management CE F622      Foundations and Retaining Structures CE F624      Frozen Ground Engineering       CE F625      Soil Stabilization and Embankment Design CE F626      Thermal Geotechnics CE F627      Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering CE F628      Unsaturated Soils Mechanics CE F630      Advanced Structural Mechanics CE F631      Advanced Structural Analysis CE F632      Advance Structural Design CE F633      Theory of Elastic Stability CE F634      Structural Dynamics CE F635      Numerical Methods for Geomechanics and Soil-Structure Interaction CE F637      Earthquakes: Seismic Response of Structures CE F640      Prestressed Concrete CE F646      Structural Composites CE F650      Bridge Engineering CE F652C      Pre-Construction Contracts CE F659A      Mentoring CE F660A      Project Management Boot Camp CE F112      Elementary Surveying CE F302      Introduction to Transportation Engineering CE F326      Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering CE F331      Structural Analysis CE F334      Properties of Materials CE F341      Environmental Engineering CE F344      Water Resources Engineering CE F405      Highway Engineering CE F406      Traffic Engineering CE F422      Foundation Engineering CE F424      Introduction to Permafrost Engineering       CE F432      Steel Design CE F433      Reinforced Concrete Design CE F434      Timber Design CE F435      Design and Construction of Bridges CE F437      Design of Engineered Systems I CE F438      Design of Engineered Systems II       CE F442      Environmental Engineering Design CE F443      Air Pollution Management CE F445      Hydrologic Analysis and Design CE F451      Construction Cost Estimating and Bid Preparation CE F463      Groundwater Dynamics CE F470      Civil Engineering Internship CE F471      Field Practicum CE F490      Civil Engineering Seminar CE F490-F491, together, constitute the standard one-year engineering seminar. CE F490-F491, together, constitute the standard one-year engineering seminar. CE F491      Civil Engineering Seminar CE F492      Seminar CE F492P      Seminar CE F661      Advanced Water Resources Engineering CE F662      Open Channel and River Engineering CE F663      Groundwater Dynamics CE F664      Sediment Transport CE F665      Introduction to Watershed Hydrology CE F682      Ice Engineering       CE F683      Arctic Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering       CE F684      Arctic Utility Distribution       CE F685      Topics in Frozen Ground Engineering       CE F692      Seminar CE F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project CE F699      Thesis ENVE F446      Biological Unit Processes ENVE F458      Energy and the Environment ENVE F641      Aquatic Chemistry ENVE F642      Contaminant Hydrology ENVE F643      Air Pollution Management ENVE F644      Environmental Management and Permitting ENVE F645      Unit Processes: Chemical and Physical ENVE F646      Biological Unit Processes ENVE F647      Biotechnology ENVE F649      Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management ENVE F651      Environmental Risk Assessment ENVE F652      Introduction to Toxicology for Engineers and Scientists ENVE F653      Environmental Measurements Laboratory ENVE F658      Energy and the Environment ENVE F697      Individual Study ENVE F698      Non-Thesis Research/Project ENVE F699      Thesis


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